Our Conversations

Open space and facilitated discussion

Conversation 2014: ACC Clergy <40 talk to God and each other is a conference unlike any other national or diocesan conference. We are bringing together the youngest of our clergy, closest in age to the demographic who are the most likely to not be connected with a Christian community, to explore new ways of engaging liturgy, formation, stewardship and the future of the church.

New ideas require new ways of thinking, so we are replacing the standard workshop and round table models with two different conversations. Open space allows us all to contribute to the national church about the opportunities and challenges we are working with and through in our own contexts, particularly as we prepare to move further into leadership in the Anglican Church of Canada over the next few decades. Our focused conversations, facilitated by Janet Marshall, will call on us to offer our wisdom to General Synod about specific questions that challenge the national church as we move together into the next decades.

Focused conversations

With our facilitator, Janet Marshall, we will be offering our ideas about the integration of liturgy, Christian formation and stewardship in parish life. Janet, Director of Congregational Development for the Diocese of Montreal, is a skilled and experienced facilitator who always brings a fresh way of listening and sharing.

About Janet Marshall
Since 1990, Janet Marshall has worked with churches to resource, support, and provoke the development of healthy, lively, missional communities of faith. She
brings extensive experience in the fields of strategic visioning & implementation, amalgamations, ministry reviews, and leadership development.
Janet is often called upon to design and facilitate processes that help groups consider contentious issues and make difficult decisions. These have included national consultations
on human sexuality, theological education, and structural change. As lead facilitator with the Anglican Communion’s Continuing Indaba Project she has worked internationally helping dioceses from very different ministry contexts engage honestly with some of our most divisive issues.
Janet has written and developed resources for strategic visioning, amalgamations, ministry evaluations, facilitation, and dialogue.

Open Space

This is our chance to have the conversations we always have at conference coffee breaks andOpen Space meal times but never really have enough time. We set the agenda. What do YOU want to talk about with clergy under 40 from across Canada? Now is your chance!

We will start the conversation before we even arrive in Montreal. Through the forum on our website, our facebook group and Twitter, you can pose questions and tell everyone what you want to talk about. Are you looking for family ministry ideas for small churches? Or a conversation about the transition from pastoral to program size? How about one of those fabulous, deep, intellectual theological conversations that just don’t happen in our churches? Start posting topics now. Once we arrive in Montreal, we will have a chance to add more to the mix, and then, together, break out the conversations.

Open space is risky and weird, which are two things we don’t do all that much in the church, but the fruit is always ripe, because we generated it, and we only take home what we commit to.

So let’s get the conversation started.

What do you want to talk about? What conversations do we leaders of this generation need to have? What do you have to share? Start the conversation by posting open space conversation topics at:




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